Made in France

In 1952, Mr Guy FOURES creates an individual enterprise manufacturing mechanical and moving quickly to medical equipment.

In 1966, the company became public limited company and specializes in the field of anesthesia / resuscitation.

In 1982, Mr Jean Bernard Foures, son of the founder, became CEO. He began creating new products and organizes a network of regional distributors approaching the end customer.

The company will continue to diversify its products to achieve the three main current :

• Infusion
• Gas Mixers
• Equipment of the technical

Previously based in Bordeaux Centre In 1988 the company expands into new premises in Gradignan where are located the administrative, commercial, production, office and service center.

In 2011 consolidates all its graphic charter to support the launch of new products and changing existing lines. At the time, the company has around 30 staff, with a widespread know how.


The company's business focuses on manufacturing and marketing of equipment for hospital technical facilities (operating room, theatre equipment, recovery room , ICU, intensive care...) commercial and production offices ; as well as the service center

• Syringe infusion pump and microprocessor
• Mixers, railings and anesthesia cart
• Arms and standpipes for surgery, anesthesia, recovery room and intensive care
• Bed Head hospitalization and intensive care
• Rail and Wall Accessories
• Tellers going flat operating room and sterilization area
• Set valve and regulator

FOURES SAS international

Directly and through its distributors,
the company distributes its products to more than 65 countries from different continents such as :

Europe (Germany, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy, UK...)
Africa and Indian Ocean (South Africa, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Madagascar, Mauritania, Senegal, Benin...)
Middle-East (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine, Syria...)
Asia (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Vietnam...)
Latin America (Colombia, Peru, Brazil...)
DOM-TOM (The meeting, Martinique, Guadeloupe, New Caledonia, French Guiana...)

The company FOURES SAS is ISO 9001 / ISO 13485.
Products manufactured by FOURES SAS are also subject to approval by the Ministry of Health and are CE marked medical
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